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Ectaco, Inc developed the first voice electronic dictionary that allows users to translate phrases from English language into French, German and Spanish. The Universal Translator UT-103 has a unique speech recognition system - you say a phrase in English, the dictionary recognizes it, and translates it into any of three languages (French, German, Spanish) and this wonderful talking electronic dictionary can even say the translation aloud!

The Partner® pocket electronic dictionary is worth a special mention. This model has a 2MB Business Organizer, a Digital Voice Recorder, and a touch-screen display, is able to translate a coherent text, send faxes and send or receive e-mail. Choose the Parnter pocket dictionary for your language.

Business and travel electronic pocket dictionaries are for your business and trip. These models include all necessary features for doing business with foreign partners, for interpreting, or for studying abroad.

Ectaco Inc are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality pocket language dictionaries. Our dictionaries are great for such things like Language Learning, Language tests prepring (TOEFL, for example), writing school papers, preparing business reports, translating documents and many more.
Our electronic translators include personal business organizers, interesting games. Also you will get phonetic spell correction modules, grammar guide, 8-line display, AC adapter jack, contrast control, adjustable font size, automatic shut-off, headphone jack , volume control, battery low indicator and of course one year warranty.


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