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Voice recognition software - German <-> English Partner® Accent Remover for Pocket PC.German-English Partner® Accent Remover for Pocket PC Version: 1.00.27

In studying a foreign (English) language and trying to pronounce phrases, it is helpful to have an audio practice aid. It is almost impossible to learn how to speak English correctly on your own. Now you have a new, thoroughly contemporary way to study the English language - the Crystal Clean German - English Partner® Accent Remover.

Accent Remover Speech recognition software is a phrase bank that contains the most commonly used phrases. These phrases were especially selected to satisfy 80% of the communication requirements of travelers abroad.

You read a phrase in your native (German) language and say its translation in English. Partner® Accent Remover gives you the sample of the proper pronunciation and grades your own pronunciation, thereby coaching you just like a real teacher.

With the German - English Partner® Accent Remover software for Pocket PC, learning is natural and does not take much effort - simply by listening or repeating the phrases often, you will remember them easily.

Software Price: $49.95  

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This software gives access to the first category of the 12 topics in the phrases database.
Registration is needed to access the full phrases database.

System requirements for this translation software:

Processor: Intel ARM-206 (Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada 56x, Casio E-200, MobilePro P300, Pocket PC e570, etc.)
OS: Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 or higher
RAM:  7MB free

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