The first voice recognition multilingual dictionary - Universal Translator. Speech Recognition multilingual Translator from Ectaco, Inc.

The first multilingual voice recognition dictionary
Universal Translator

Ectaco, Inc. is happy to offer you the company's most well-known product, the
Universal Translator UT-103.

The first multilingual (English-French-German-Spanish) speech translator in the world!
UT-103 - The Universal translator with voice recognition.
The UT-103 has a unique speech recognition system - say a phrase in English,
the device recognizes it, and translates it into any of three languages (French, German, Spanish)
and it can even say the translation aloud!

Universal Translator UT-103 is available NOW!



The English-Russian bi-directional voice translator UT-203 is now available!

UT-203 - new tourist phrase bank with English and Russian Speech Recognition

Working with the UT-203 is quite simple. The user pronounces a phrase in Russian, the device recognizes this phrase, translates it and pronounces the translation in English or German. Accordingly, when an English phrase is pronounced, it is translated into Russian or German. A special multi-function control button allows a rapid navigation between the topics and phrases, and a liquid crystal display shows the recognized and translated phrases.

Universal Translator UT-203 is also available NOW!


Partner 900 Series
Our best device for language learning and communication.
partner LUX 4 PRO series
Free Speech Translator. No Internet connection needed; start translating with it right out of the box.
iTravl 2 series
A necessity for travel. Communication has never been this easy or fun!
Budget series
Big value for small budget. Instant talking translation of almost any word.
The perfect eReading device for business documents, educational texts, and leisure books.
ECTACO iTRAVL 3 mini series
OFFLINE Voice Translator - Translates anything you say.

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