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Do you often visit countries where people speak French, German or Spanish yet you don't know the language?
Do you worry that you may not communicate in a foreign language as easily as you would like to?
Do you have a problems with proper pronunciation?
If so, then this multilingual dictionary Universal Translator ™ can make your life much easier.
Is it difficult for you to remember a phrase in a foreign language?
No problem! Are you tired of thumbing through phrase books searching for the right phrase?
Just tap this phrase into your Universal Translator and the device will pronounce it for you!

UT-103 - The Universal multilingual (English-French-German-Spanish) electronic pocket translator with speech recognition.

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UT-103 multilingual voice recognition translator


Voice recognition Universal Translator ™: Technical information and features.

UT-103 - The Universal multilingual English-French-German-Spanish talking dictionary with speech recognition.

The Universal Translator UT-103 has a unique speech recognition system - you say a phrase in English, the dictionary recognizes it, and translates it into any of three languages (French, German, Spanish) and this wonderful talking dictionary can even say the translation aloud!

One of the most powerful sections in this talking dictionary - Housekeeper. The phrases are selected with the special purpose of covering about 95% of the communication needs of the property owners or tenants dealing with foreign speaking housekeepers. Now, Universal Translator UT-103 recognizes speech, translates into Spanish, Russian or French, and pronounces over 200 phrases on each subject.

Technical information about this talking dictionary:
Very light (only 110 grams with batteries) and compact (2.5'x0.9'x4.4'), the UT-103 is a powerful linguistic tool. It comprises about 3,000 phrases commonly used in all kinds of travel, presented in 13 topics:

  • Everyday Conversation
  • Housekeeper (new! see above)
  • Traveling - phrases and speech
  • Local Transport
  • Driving
  • Hotel - relevant speech
  • Restaurant - phrases
  • Shopping - relevant talk
  • Post office - phrases
  • Telephone - slang
  • Bank - relevant speech
  • Sightseeing
  • Health - relevant speech
Universal translator is so small and light!
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Other technical information about this talking dictionary and the list of it's features are here

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