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UT-103 was developed on the basis of the unique speech-to-speech technology which can be implemented in a number of professional fields. The UT-103 presented on the website is meant primarily for people who love to travel or who are frequently on business trips abroad. However, speech-to-speech technology is so universally applicable that Russian Silicon Valley specialists can develop a device similar to the UT-103 programmed with any set of words or phrases, including specialized medical terminology, automobile control commands, banking and financial terminology, or even "You have the right to remain silent..." The amount of phrases that can be in the memory of such a device is practically limitless andand with our linguistic databases, we can develop a device translateing words. If you are in a business that deals regularly with foreign languages and/or special terminology, please contact Mr. Anton Epifanov, VP of Research and Development, regarding pricing, quantity and possibilities of developing such a device.

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