Universal Translator ™ multilingual speech recognition dictionary UT-103 - How does it work?

Speech recognition Universal translator: how does it work?

The UT-103 Universal talking translator is simple and easy to operate

UT-103 talking dictionary: left side. UT-103 talking dictionary: right side. UT-103 talking dictionary: back side.

1. LCD Screen.
2. PC Link Jack.
3. Action Button, Up/Down.
4. Internal Microphone.
5. Start Button.
6. Headset Jack/External Mic Jack.
7. Volume Control.
8. Speaker.
9. Battery  Compartment.

Instructions - how to use this voice recognition dictionary:

  • Select the target language (French, German, Spanish) in the Setup Menu.

  • Choose the desired topic from 13 available topics (Go to this page to view the list of recognition topics).

  • With the Action Button (3), select the phrase you need to translate and you will be able to read its translation - page scrolling is automatic in the dictionary.

  • If you need to hear the translation (hear the voice of the dictionary!), press the Action Button (3) once more. By scrolling topics and subtopics of translation, you can find the desired phrase in English, and the UT-103 will recognize the text and will "say" it in the selected targed language.

  • Press Start Button (5), say a phrase in English, the dictionary will recognize your voice and translate the pronounced phrase into any of three languages (French, German, Spanish).

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